Episode 44: Haunted Plano

Haunted Plano. Yes, it’s a thing. Do spirits of those who lived in Plano long ago still haunt the halls and streets of our city? Many who live and work in the buildings in historic downtown Plano are convinced there’s ghostly mojo afoot. We take you to three of Plano’s Most Haunted Places and hear stories from Jamey Jamison and Leesie Pool –  two residents who’ve encountered spooky shadows from the past.   The author of Haunted Plano, Texas – aka Plano Podcast producer Mary Jacobs – is our guide.

Episode 43: North Texas Giving Day | The Giving Bunch

Start your credit cards and reach into your pockets — North Texas Giving Day is almost here!  We re-visit six Plano-area nonprofits that are doing great work in our community.  Hear why we call them The Giving Bunch, and why they deserve your support on September 19.

We’ve made it easy to give to our guests. Below are the donation pages for My Possibilities, TOPAchievers Foundation, Heritage Farmstead Museum, Hope’s Door/New Beginnings Center, The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation and Grace To Change. We also included a link to North Texas Giving Day, powered by the Communities Foundation of Texas.

My Possibilities, TOPAchievers Foundation, Heritage Farmstead Museum, Hope’s Door/New Beginnings, Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation, Grace to Change

North Texas Giving Day

Here’s a great way to hear more about each of these non-profits. We’ve collected our six great Plano Podcast episodes featuring these guests in an easy to listen playlist. Hear why we consider these six “The Giving Bunch” because of their service to our community.

Episode 42: Collin Creek Mall

Collin Creek Mall is headed for a bright new future. But for the “mall rats” who grew up at the mall, the memories live on.  We talk to the founder of the CCM An Era Gone By Facebook group  – 7000 strong — that’s keeping those memories alive; we meet the security officer who’s walked the halls of Collin Creek Mall since 1992 ; and we discover an urban explorer who clues us in on the Stranger Things going on underneath the mall. So dig out your hair scrunchie and Z Cavaricci’s and take a trip to the past with Plano Podcast.

Photo Credit of all tunnels: Eric Kuhns | Koonagi Media

Podcast Extra: Phil Pollacia | Apollo 11 50th Anniversary

On this historic 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 Mission- we give you more from our December, 2018 interview with Plano resident Phil Pollacia.  This special Plano Podcast Extra goes in depth with Pollacia about his hand in the space program while at IBM working a NASA in Houston, and shares facts about the Apollo Mission.

Episode 41: Greg Matthews | Wild Awakening

The story of Greg Matthews Wild Awakening is more that meets the eye. All his life, Greg J. Matthews felt the need to prove himself as a man — until a horrifying, near-death encounter with a grizzly bear put him on the path to healing. Hear this Plano resident’s amazing story, and why he wrote the book Wild Awakening: How a Raging Grizzly Healed My Wounded Heart.

Greg’s story was featured on Animal Planet’s “I Was Prey” series, Season Two Episode Six.

Episode 40: Plano Politics | Who’s Pulling Your Strings?

Plano politics have grown up in a big way. Money from developers, endorsements from Governor Abbott and a Midland-based PAC working behind the scenes.  Why are so many outside influences involved in Plano’s elections? Who’s pulling the strings and why? Three political consultants with experience ranging from local to statewide elections help us look for answers.