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Plano Podcast episode resources is our one-stop shop to find the references and links mentioned in our show, or recommended by our guests. It’s the right place to be to dig deeper into the topics discussed.

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Our guests in the Plano Podcast Episode 1,2 & 3 Arts in Plano series mention many episode resources to get your “art fix” locally. Here are a few of note we thought you might enjoy.

Macy Hedrick

Episode 4 featuring Macy Hedrick takes you on a journey through her eyes of what it means to have grown up in Plano. Not sure what some of them are, or want to start making your own memories? The episode resources below should get you started.

In Episode 5 Diane Reeve shares her story with us, punctuated by her own emotional words. Want to know more about the trial, her case and cause? The episode resources provided here let you deep-dive into this important local story.


In Episode 6 we scour Plano for the inside story behind some of our most famous “Suits”. Join us as we explore the economic and cultural impact that ensued when some of our biggest employers went casual. We dished a little fashion with notable leaders influencing the personality, culture and style of our City. Here are some of the episode resources mentioned.


Episode 7 Harry LaRosiliere | City or Suburb tackles the question of our persona as a city. At what point do we shake the moniker “suburb”- or do we? Yes, it may be semantics, but it sure proved a great way to sit down with Plano’s Mayor Harry LaRosiliere and talk about Plano 3.0. Throw in Jacquielynne Floyd of the Dallas Morning News, and our special guest Michael Thomas of My Possibilities and the conversation leads to thought provoking discussion.


Episode 8 Storytellers: Dog Days takes us on a cool break from the Texas heat. Two of our guests write regularly, and one is a Plano ISD Academy graduate on her way to OSU in the Fall. Interested in reading other work from our featured Plano authors? We’re happy to share.


Episode 9 Top Achievers | Lawrence Mann gives us a glimpse into what it takes to be a remarkable mentor for kids. Coach Mann is part entrepreneur, part inspirational leader, part athlete, and part ambassador/advocate for the youth of Plano. In our episode many programs offered in Plano are mentioned. Those programs as well as some historical reference on Coach Mann, and his brother Terence Mann are included in these episode resources.


Episode 10 takes a glimpse into the future of traffic within Collin County, from the viewpoint of County Commissioner Duncan Webb. Our wrap up for this episode includes a City perspective- that of Princeton Mayor John-Mark Caldwell and City Manager Derek Borg. What does Collin County look like in 2040? It all depends on the planning and decisions we make today. For a deeper look, explore our extensive episode resources.

Episode 11 Storytellers: Haunted Plano is a glimpse into Plano’s history, with a ghostly flavor. Not for the faint of heart, hear the tales of the past including the Zodiac Rider, the Muncey Massacre and Ellen Henry- a woman from Hunter Farrell’s past. These episode resources supported our spooky journey.

Episode 12 Plano Panto | Holidays Get Hilarious takes you inside Theatre Britain’s annual panto production. The “panto” is a fractured fairy tale and it’s performed every year by Theatre Britain in downtown Plano. The Plano theater company’s production features all the traditional elements – the dame who’s actually a guy, a ghostly cameo, and lots of audience participation. We go behind the scenes to hear from the director and meet some of the actors, plus, an extensive wrapup with performing arts critic Mark Lowry of TheaterJones, who weighs in on growing diversity of theater and arts productions in Plano.

Episode 13 The Heroin Shutdown | 20 Years Revisited is a defining story of resilience in Plano. These episode resources helped us craft the tale.

Episode 14 Downtown Plano Art and Wine Walk takes you out on a frigid December night to catch the vibe on a historic night for Plano. We open the mic for crowd-members brave enough to answer our questions, and one not-so-timid youngster who steals the show.

Episode 15 First Up | Plano Early Risers offers a glimpse into the mysterious habitat of some of Plano’s early birds. From those whose careers require a 3:15 am alarm setting, to those who simply wake up before the crack of dawn to tend to body and soul, we’ve got them cornered to explain the benefits of this curious habit.

Episode 16 Plano Podcast Extra | Nick Bridwell | Interviewing the Interviewer is a short talk with a writer for Plano Magazine. In these episode resources, find his work with the magazine as well as his own novel. When our story appears in an upcoming edition of Plano Magazine, we’ll add that as well, of course.

Episode 17 Plano Valentine |OP | Officer Parker is our valentine to the beloved Plano PD 2015 Officer of the Year, and Clark High School resource officer Arthur G. Parker, Jr., best known as “OP”.

Episode 18 Mabrie + Marshall Jackson welcomes you to a candid conversation into one of the most influential and invested families in Plano. Hear how they make it work, laugh a little, and reminisce on the good old days when you dug for sheep bones in the yard.

Episode 20 Election Topic Spotlight | Apartments takes you on a deep dive into some controversy swirling around our local May 6, 2017 election. Guests Jim Dillavou, Christina Day, and Dr. Ray Perryman share insights and facts in their own words. Wrap up guest David Smith joins Mary and Tammy for a lively, opinion-based segment of the episode. Episode resources let you dig deep into the the controversy.

In Episode 21 Sleepless Nights, we take you behind the scenes of TEDxPlano. Interested in learning more, or curious about the TEDx talks our guests delivered? You’re in the right place to do just that.

In Episode 22 | Steve Stoler, we have an open conversation with former local D/FW TV news reporter and current Director of Media Relations for the City of Plano. Among other things, learn what he has in common with Ron Burgundy in this episode. Additionally, hear from a Plano 9-1-1 Operator, as well as retiring Crayola crayon, Dandelion and why he was visiting Plano.

In Episode 23 | Late Night Plano, we learn a totally new vocabulary out late on a Friday night in Plano. Turnt? Lit? What? If you’re curious about the after-dark nightlife in Plano, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, hear from Marco Banuelas, a truly Renaissance Fireman right here in Plano.

In Episode 24 | The Hurricane Harvey Response, we give you an inside look at two remarkable initiatives right here in Collin County. First, Plano’s own Grace Outreach Center spearheading a national coalition of churches to rebuild Victoria, TX. Next, we take you inside Allen, TX based Trusted World, the behemoth Six-Sigma facility collecting and coordinating the region’s primary supply line of donations to the Texas coast. Our Plano character “Car 360” at the Interurban Railway Museum gives you a peek at some Plano history; and our Curiosity is a sweet one. Go with us to get the elusive Cherry Dipped Cone- as far as we know, the Dairy Queen on Avenue K is the only one serving it in North Texas, and foodies from all over Texas flock there to get it.

Episode 25 | Plano Family Plots reveals itself just in time for Halloween … we take you on a spooky tour of Plano family plots, the pioneer cemeteries of Plano. Learn the dark and tragic tale from Plano’s past that’s the origin story of one graveyard, and uncover the hidden stories behind headstones, of the founding families’ heartbreaking losses, resilience and faith. Finally, we meet a few of passionate Plano citizens who are working to preserve and restore these historic treasures — including one who’s earned the title of “the Cemetery Lady of Collin County.”

Episode 26 | A Tale of Two Planos explores two completely different narratives  leading Plano residents to choose sides. We look at how divisiveness is bringing out the worst in us, and what we can do about it … with insights from a political consultant and an expert in dispute resolution.  Plus, we introduce you to the Great Plano Bobcat Debate … and a Plano character who unites us to care for those in need.

Episode 27 | Home for the Holidays, Plano gets you geared up for the holidays. Guests share the very best Plano offers in food, festivities, faith and ways to give as the season begins. Our Curiosity takes you back to the Great Texas Snow of 1929 – and shares how your family can commemorate that historic event: at Lantern Light at the Heritage Farmstead this year. And finally, our Character is pretty special. In fact, it’s a pair that you’ll want to stay on the good side of this holiday season. Happy Holidays, Plano!

Episode 28 | Domestic Violence | Plano Issues and Resources kicked off our 2018 season with a serious issue within our city. Hope’s Door 24-Hour Crisis Line: 972-422-SAFE (7233) Mosaic Family Services 24-Hour Crisis Hotline 214-823-4434

Episode 29 Plano Property Taxes Unplugged busts some myths, courtesy of Plano ISD Trustee Missy Bender, Councilman Ron Kelley, and Senator Van Taylor. It’s essential listening before you head to the polls.

Episode 30 Troubled Waters navigates the controversy about water in Plano, following a chlorine burn that led Erin Brockovich to call out our water system as unsafe. We help you sort out the fears from the facts. Plus, we visit Plano ISD’s little known museum, and meet a Plano resident who shares a message of gratitude from the people of the Netherlands for their American liberators.

Episode 31 Farm Life takes a look at Plano farm life, both past and present. Spring brought new life to the Heritage Farmstead Museum in Plano this year – as well as a heartbreaking reminder of the struggles that faced the area’s original settlers. We take a look back at Plano’s rural roots in this episode. Plus – if you’ve ever driven by Wells Brothers farm store and wondered what’s inside – you’ll find out, because we take you there to meet Richard Wells for our Plano Podcast Curiosity. Finally, meet one of Plano’s historic characters: a sheep breeder, poker player and national celebrity Ammie Wilson.

Episode 32 Men Gone Wild turns the spotlight on a few of Plano’s hardest working, standout males … Starting with a visit to Metroflex Gym – where the workouts are old school and hard core. Next, a sneak peek at Drag Queen Bingo, an event attracting sellout crowds to downtown Plano. Finally, meet Keishon Ireland, Plano ISD’s elementary school teacher of the year for 2018 — and learn why kids love having this guy in the classroom.

Episode 33 Libraries Out Loud showcases so much more than books. Check it out and come along with us for the ride. Quiet shoes not required.

Episode 34 School Safety explores safety and security for Plano ISD schools. We take an in-depth look at what school and police officials are doing to keep kids safe, and meet some dads who are pitching in to help. Plus, mum’s the word for our curiosity, a look at a homecoming tradition.

Episode 35 Plano Voices | Dylan Rafaty introduces you to one of the strongest disability advocate voices in Texas. Dylan is on a mission to boost awareness of people with disabilities in Plano. A Plano ISD graduate, hear what he’s up to and why this millennial is so passionate about inclusivity, in this Plano Podcast Voices episode.

Episode 36 Plano Voices | Diwali in Plano takes you inside of the celebration of Diwali. In India,  Diwali is like Christmas, Thanksgiving  Halloween and New Year all rolled into one big holiday.  It’s kind of a big deal in Plano, too, for our 23,000 South Asian residents. We talked to five Plano residents to learn more about the Festival of Lights.

Episode 37 LAUNCH! That’s our theme this episode, taking you on a journey into new horizons.  Meet Plano resident Phil Pollacia who played a key role in the early days of NASA’s space program – and two women launching the Plano pickleball craze. Finally, we take you behind the scenes at North Texas Performing Arts –  as one of us attempts to launch their community acting career in Scrooge- the Musical.

Episode 38 Life in Transition explores resources available for those both homeless or in transition within Plano. We also bring you the story of Ron Bultongez, and his journey as a young man whose life was in transition, to achieving national musical success.

Episode 39 Rex Burkhead | Team Jack focuses on the Team Jack Trifecta, happening right here in Plano. Hear the story of how Rex Burkhead met Jack Hoffman and how that fateful meeting led Rex to found the Team Jack Foundation. The third annual Team Jack Trifecta happens on April 6, 2019.

Episode 40 Plano Politics | Who’s Pulling Your Strings asks the three political consultants the tough questions about outside influences in local Plano election. We don’t expect outside influences to fade away in future elections, so keep this refreshingly candid take on external influences close at hand for now, and the future.

Episode 41 Wild Awakening is the story of Plano resident Greg J. Matthews. He tells us how a grizzly attack in 2015 (featured on Animal Planet’s “I Was Prey” Episode 6, Season 2) led to a new perspective on what’s important in life.

Podcast Extra | Apollo 11th 50th Anniversary gives you more of Phil Pollacia’s NASA story. We introduced you to Plano resident Phil Pollacia in Episode 37 | Launch last year. On this historic 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 Mission- we give you more from that interview and more detail about his hand in the space program. This special Plano Podcast Extra goes in depth with Pollacia and shares facts about the Apollo Mission.

Episode 42 | Collin Creek Mall takes you on a trip to the past and explores some mysteries beneath the surface.

Episode 45 | Plano Christmas Traditions opens the door to some great Christmas traditions both local and international. Not sure what lutefisk or a Lucia procession is? Never heard of Las Posadas? We’ve got answers. Think all Christmas church services look and feel the same? We take you from one end of the spectrum to another- from solumn Midnight Mass to the Broadway-style production of The Gift of Christmas. Any way you choose to celebrate, we wish you the Merriest of Holiday seasons.

Plano Podcast Extra | Officer Parker Retires is our tribute to the beloved Plano PD 2015 Officer of the Year, and Clark High School resource officer Arthur G. Parker, Jr., best known as “OP”. Set to retire in January, 2020 we pump up our original 2017 interview with previously unreleased excerpts. Hear why this man is leaving an incredible legacy for Plano.

Episode 46 | Plano Valentine Isiah Joshua, Jr is our Plano Podcast Valentine, to the Rev. Isiah Joshua, a beloved pastor and Plano community leader. Hear how he’s helped Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church grow by leaps and bounds and why worshipers drive for hours just to hear him preach. Plus, he shares his hopes  and dreams for the city of Plano.

Episode 47 Rex Burkhead | Robyn Burkhead focuses on the Team Jack Trifecta, happening right here in Plano. Rex’s mom, Robyn just won Teacher of the Year at a local elementary school. We ask them both what it takes to be a champion in their fields, and what makes the Team Jack Trifecta so special for Plano and their family. The fourth annual Team Jack Trifecta happens on March 21, 2020.

Episode 49 Education in the Time of Covid-19 takes you behind the scenes with local leaders dealing with the new reality in online education. It’s the wild west out there, and Superintendent Sara Bonser from Plano ISD and Collin College President Neil Matkin are the education sheriffs in town, rustling up some serious resources for our kids.

Episode 50 takes you inside the Hungry for Change/I Stand with You rally held in Plano June 6, 2020. Thousands of people attended, and we sat down to speak with them. Learn the personal stories of those in attendance, the organizer Cheryl Jackson, and more.