Episode 45: Plano Christmas Traditions

The holidays are here! Hop on our Plano Podcast sleigh as we explore some unique Plano Christmas traditions.  Hear about a local shopping destination for people who want to celebrate a Scandinavian Christmas. Take a look at the solumn Midnight Mass in area Catholic churches and the traditional Latino Catholic procession of Las Posadas. And find out why thousands travel to Plano from around the U.S. for a spectacular Christmas program at Prestonwood Baptist Church.

Episode 45 | Plano Christmas Traditions opens the door to some great Christmas traditions both local and international. Not sure what lutefisk or a Lucia celebration is? Never heard of Las Posadas? We’ve got answers. Think all Christmas church services look and feel the same? We take you from one end of the spectrum to another- from Midnight Mass to the Broadway-style production of The Gift of Christmas. Any way you choose to celebrate, we wish you the Merriest of Holiday seasons.