Episode 48: Coronavirus | Covid-19 in Plano Texas

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is in Plano, Texas. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has turned life upside-down in Plano and around the world. Where can we get testing? Why isn’t the city telling us where COVID-19 positive patients have worked and shopped? When will this be over? We went looking for answers at the city, county and state level, talking to Mayor Harry LaRosiliere, Collin County Administrator Bill Bilyeu and State Representative Jeff Leach.  Plus, we found a few silver linings — ingenious ways that area residents, businesses and nonprofits are coping during the crisis and helping others — including a platform called Get Shift Done that will help fill understaffed volunteer shifts at nonprofits with furloughed restaurant and service industry employees. Hear from Sejal Desai of the Communities Foundation of Texas about how to get involved.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) resources you can trust: Centers for Disease Control  Texas Health and Human Services  Collin County Health Care Services  City of Plano Covid-19 Information

If you are experiencing a health emergency, dial 9-1-1.

Get Shift Done website for Hospitality/Restaurant companies to offer displaced service industry staff, Non-profits to apply for needed workers, and for individual service industry workers impacted by closures.

Episode 10: Webb Traffic | Duncan Webb

Traffic. It’s what’s up in Plano and all of Collin County, TX.  Are we destined for California-style gridlock? Collin County Commissioner Duncan Webb shares his vision and challenges on the plan to ease gridlock as we take a journey together into the year 2040. We wrap with a special Route 380 road trip to meet with Mayor John-Mark Caldwell and City Manager Derek Borg of Princeton, TX. Our conversation is where the rubber meets the road.

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Episode 5: Diane Reeve | Standing Strong

Diana Reeve, as the owner of a Plano karate studio, likes to say that she teaches courage for a living. She called on every ounce of her own courage when she learned that her longtime boyfriend had knowingly given her HIV — along with dozens of other women. Reeve shares her incredible tale of banding together with other women, taking the boyfriend to court, and winning.

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