Episode 50: Hungry for Change Plano Rally | Black Lives Matter

Thousands turned up in downtown Plano for Hungry for Change, a peaceful Black Lives Matter protest in Plano, Texas. Hear from organizer Cheryl “Action” Jackson and leaders Cynt Marshall,  Ed Drain and S. Lee Merritt who spoke at the rally. Plus, we talk with a retired Plano cop who was in attendance, and has a unique story of his own. You might remember him as “OP”.

Episode 26: A Tale of Two Planos

It’s our tale of two Planos. Either Plano’s a great city on track for an even better future … or, Plano is headed to hell in a hand basket.  Two completely different narratives are leading Plano residents to choose sides. We look at how divisiveness brings out the worst in us, and offer insights on how to improve our communication across the aisle … with help from a political consultant and an expert in dispute resolution.  Plus, we introduce you to the Great Bobcat Debate … and a Plano character who unites us to care for those in need. 

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