Episode 2: David Downs | Arts in Plano

Nobody’s better equipped to talk about the future of the arts in Plano than David Downs. He’s a member of Plano City Council, and an accomplished photographer. David talks about the vision for the downtown arts district in Plano and how fostering a “creative class” within the community makes Plano a more attractive destination for employers.

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Episode 1: Ten20 Gallery | Arts in Plano

Some guys get together to go hunting, or fishing, or to play poker, but these three guys got together to open an art gallery — or, “art cave” as they like to call it. Meet the instigators behind the newly-opened Ten20 Gallery in downtown Plano: Jorg Fercher, Jeff Bergus, and Ken Wesley. All three own thriving businesses in downtown Plano and enjoying creating art. Find out how their gallery has become a hub that’s bringing art and artists from all over North Texas into the downtown neighborhood in this edition of Plano Podcast.

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