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Podcast sponsorship is good for business.

A recent article in Advertising Age (9/07/2016) says it best, “There are plenty of statistics that support the bullishness that publishers and marketers are showing for podcast advertising. Podcasts are particularly popular with the millennial audience that many brands seek — 63% of podcast listeners are under 34 years old, according to Edison Research data. And podcast listeners are generally pretty good at remembering advertisements they’ve heard in the past day (65%), the past week (47%), and the past month (21%), according to research from Ipsos.”

Plano Podcast offers one pre-roll and one mid-roll 30-second spot featuring your business recorded by our host per episode. Episode length ranges from 20-30 minutes, with a quantity of 12 or more episodes per year. The podcast is focused on delivering a quality show, not one of quantity on a quota. The podcast subscribers will be alerted to new episodes as they are published. Because they are not produced on a set schedule, each newly released episode is a stand-out in the podcast feed.

Plano Podcast is focused on bringing tales of curiosity and character to Plano and surrounding areas, it is one-of-a kind in the North Texas market. Podcasts are imminently available for consumer listening and sharing on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, TuneIn, Pocket Casts, SoundCloud and RSS feeds. As a sponsoring business it is a long tail of advertising opportunity.

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